How do I connect with a BeMe Coach?

How do I connect with a BeMe Coach?

  • Tap the double heart icon titled “Coaching” on the bottom navigation.
  • You can message a BeMe Coach anytime.
  • BeMe Coaches are available from 8am to 10 pm Pacific Time
  • Coaches will respond throughout the day, and typically within a few hours of any message.
  • Coaches will sum up your chat sessions after your chat for you to look at anytime.
  • You can find your Coach Notes by tapping the "Me" tab in the app
  • After a coaching session, you can provide feedback.
  • If you have reached out to a coach and no one has responded it could be a bug. Try closing the app and re-opening it and messaging again. If no one responds, submit a ticket.   

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    • How do you sign up for BeMe coaching?

      After downloading the BeMe app, either with a code received by one of our partners or by subscribing to BeMe, coaching can be found on the menu bar. It’s as easy as sending a message, and a coach will be connected!
    • Is my conversation with a BeMe Coach private?

      All information that you share with a coach is confidential with a few important safety limitations. If we have concerns about you harming yourself or another person, or if there is the possibility of child, dependent, or elder abuse occurring, then ...
    • How do I rate my BeMe coaching experience?

      After each coaching session, you can provide feedback about your experience and your Coach. The feedback is used to improve coaching for you and other teens.
    • Questions About BeMe Teen Coaching?

      If you have more questions about BeMe Teen Coaching, let us know by submitting your question to BeMe Support.
    • Is BeMe coaching confidential?

      Yes, all sessions are strictly confidential. BeMe prioritizes creating a safe and private environment for teens to openly discuss their thoughts and feelings. There are a few situations where coaches have a responsibility to share information, such ...