Is BeMe backed by science?

Is BeMe backed by science?

BeMe's content and coaching techniques are goal-oriented and mood-boosting, using science-based skills to support both thriving and resilience. The skills are drawn from evidence-based clinical approaches backed by hundreds of research studies with adolescents.

Our evaluation study with Stanford University School of Medicine, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research mHealth and uHealth (JMU), showed that adolescents came to BeMe with high levels of depression (85% positive screen) and anxiety (78% positive screen), used the BeMe platform an average of eight times in a month, and were active in both digital (content 91%, activities 75%) and live (coaching 19%) support on the platform.

Teens rated BeMe’s digital content as improving hope (83%), self-esteem (84%), and confidence to use coping skills (92%). BeMe’s text-based coaching was found to be helpful (84%) and useful for coping with stress (84%). Interactive activities were found to be useful in coping with big feelings (73%).

The study indicates that the BeMe app has a broad audience, is being utilized frequently, and positively impacts the 13,000 teenagers participating in our nationwide study.

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      At BeMe, we aim to respect teens’ desire for autonomy and privacy, and that means it’s a teen-only space. We have separate resources available for parents; check out our blog and look for upcoming events for parents, like our virtual webinars!
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    • Is BeMe for emergencies?

      While teens are able to access crisis support while using BeMe, it is not meant for emergencies. If your teen is experiencing an emergency, please contact 911 or take them to the nearest emergency room. For 24/7 crisis support, teens can call the ...
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      BeMe is a mobile app that supports the mental health of all teens. We have feel-good content, supportive media, mood-boosting activities, and coaching that helps teens build resilience skills and cope. Our solution is entirely teen-centric: we’ve ...
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