Is BeMe Coaching confidential?

Is BeMe coaching confidential?

Yes, all sessions are strictly confidential. BeMe prioritizes creating a safe and private environment for teens to openly discuss their thoughts and feelings. There are a few situations where coaches have a responsibility to share information, such as if the teen is a danger to themselves or others. 

If a teen is in crisis and needs immediate support, they will be connected to the BeMe crisis line, which is free and available 24/7: 1-866-439-2363. They can also text 988. 

Coaches are also mandated reporters, and if they learn of any situation where a child has been harmed or is being harmed, they need to take steps to keep everyone safe, which includes reporting to appropriate agencies.

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      After downloading the BeMe app, either with a code received by one of our partners or by subscribing to BeMe, coaching can be found on the menu bar. It’s as easy as sending a message, and a coach will be connected!