What topics can be discussed with a BeMe Coach?

What topics can be discussed with a coach?

Teens can discuss a variety of topics including school pressures, social relationships, self-esteem, stress management, and future planning. Coaches are there to help with whatever is on the teen's mind.

Teens do not need to be struggling to reach out to coaching, sometimes it is helpful to build a toolkit to prepare for future challenges.
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    • Can parents get involved in the coaching process?

      While coaching is one-on-one with the teen, coaches encourage and support teens in talking to their parents about what they are going through or how their parents can support them. BeMe coaches cannot talk directly with parents as outlined in our ...
    • How are the coaching sessions conducted?

      A coaching session can be started whenever someone needs to talk. BeMe coaching is open 7 days a week from 8am-10pm PST. The coach will introduce themselves and give space for the teen to share what is on their mind, then work with them to build ...
    • How do you sign up for BeMe coaching?

      After downloading the BeMe app, either with a code received by one of our partners or by subscribing to BeMe, coaching can be found on the menu bar. It’s as easy as sending a message, and a coach will be connected!
    • How do I rate my BeMe coaching experience?

      After each coaching session, you can provide feedback about your experience and your Coach. The feedback is used to improve coaching for you and other teens.
    • Questions About BeMe Teen Coaching?

      If you have more questions about BeMe Teen Coaching, let us know by submitting your question to BeMe Support.